Bitcoin Valuation Added To Google, Yahoo Finance Sites

Bitcoin’s assault on the mainstream continues. In the wake of Expedia’s decision to accept Bitcoin for hotel bookings several mainstream financial websites have added Bitcoin valuations to their roster of currency prices. Yahoo Finance has announced that they’ve added data on BTC/USD prices to their roster of many fiat currency valuations. Almost immediately, Google Finance followed suit.

While several reports on the addition indicated that ‘Bitcoin goes mainstream’ as a result it’s not quite that easy. Mainstream acceptance of any new technology is an incremental and inexact process. Making it more problematic there is no shortage of media outlets and politicians engaged in fear mongering over the future of technology for their personal advantage. Unfortunately, this resonates with many less tech savvy Americans who are apprehensive or fearful about the future of technology. Bitcoin has a long way to go in mainstream adoption as witnessed by the ill informed scare stories about cryptocurrency that predominate in mainstream media.

Still, things are heading in the right directions. More major corporations are accepting Bitcoin and the Yahoo/Google inclusion is the latest in several financial news sources recognizing the significance of Bitcoin. Bloomberg added BTC pricing on their financial terminals earlier this year as did Microsoft owned Bing. Yahoo! Finance is the top financial news site in the US with more than 37.5 million unique visitors per month.

Google Finance added Bitcoin along with several other currencies “from the Icelandic kr√≥na to the East Caribbean dollar”. The move is the latest sign that Google may start to accept Bitcoin in a larger capacity. In a March appearance at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas Google’s Director of Ideas Jared Cohen suggested that digital currencies were ‘inevitable’. He also speculated that Bitcoin would end up being the top digital currency or at least the ‘blueprint’ for future currencies. Last month, a startup called Ease announced an app called ‘Nod to Pay’ for Google’s latest technology salvo, Google Glass. It allows Google Glass users to make payments and includes integration with Bitpay and Blockchain wallets. While there are plenty of Bitcoin related apps available for the Android ecosystem an even bigger move would be Google’s implementation of Bitcoin for Google’s payment service or even the option for website owners to be paid for Google ad revenue in BTC.