Feds Tech Incompetence Reveals Names of ‘Secret’ Bitcoin Bidders

It’s amazing that anyone still has any confidence about our Federal government’s ability to function in the digital age. It’s reached the point where the biggest roadblock in the development of American technological resources is our own government who is doing everything they can to maintain the status quo on behalf of their financial benefactors in industries that are rapidly being outmoded. They go after offshore gambling to curry favor with the land based casino industry and the religious right. They go after e-cigarettes to benefit the medical and pharmaceutical industries and the parasitical ‘health advocates’ that follow them around. They want Federal GPS app regulation just because the automotive industry asked them to–and since car makers don’t get any profits from smartphones. And, of course, they hate Bitcoin for any number of reasons not the least of which is the disruption threat it poses to arguably their biggest gravy train, the banking and financial industries.

The reality is that while Silicon Valley is busy creating the future with technology in the process creating jobs and wealth Washington is doing everything in their power to thwart them. Politicians give lip service to technology but they fear it not only because it’s in their best financial interest to do so but, more significantly, because it threatens the status quo and with it their power and relevance. The good news is that the political and regulatory class that makes up our government is fighting a losing battle because they’re not particularly smart and are completely inept when it comes to technology. The most recent example took place on Wednesday when the US Marshall’s Service accidentally(?) released a full list of the ‘secret’ bidders on the big haul of Bitcoins they stole seized from the operators of the infamous Silk Road drug exchange. Apparently someone in their office was trying to reply to an individual bidder but instead of doing so hit ‘reply all’ so everyone got the full list of bidder emails.

This is the kind of thing that would get a private citizen or an employee in a company fired and possibly hauled before Congress and brought up on criminal charges. Of course the Federal government considers themselves to be above all of this so they sent out a ‘what, me worry?’ press release and are done with the whole affair.